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Universal Voltas offers a variety of exciting career opportunities


Grow with Universal Voltas!

A job or career at Universal Voltas makes so much sense when you seek to stretch yourself – and your prospects. There are so many ways in which you can boost your skills, knowledge, experience and even entrepreneurial capabilities.

Our Work Culture

Universal Voltas offers a wide variety of exciting growth opportunities within the richly diversified Tata group company. Here you can find the growth trajectory best suited to your skills and aspirations.


The new-millennium Universal Voltas is geared for growth in today’s global business environment, as it builds on its achievements and core competencies. Thus, we are attracting more and more of the nation’s best talent.


Universal Voltas has a milieu in which you can be stimulated and challenged to prove yourself among your peers, and flourish with your colleagues.


Being a Tata group Company, we give you the opportunity to absorb the unique Tata culture of global standards, business excellence, integrity, corporate citizenship and human values.

What We Look For

A zest for learning
Universal Voltas is a place which emphasizes the importance of continuous learning. Our aim is to maximize human potential and allow individuals to grow to their full capacity.
An all-rounded personality
As a multi-disciplinary organisation, Universal Voltas exposes you to varied knowledge domains - engineering, marketing, business planning, project management, services, total facility management, and more. Rather than just focusing on a specialised path, we would like you to take the approach of all-rounded entrepreneurial learning and participate wholeheartedly in diverse experiences.
Your performance is your plus
The culture at Universal Voltas gives you freedom to perform at your best and rewards it with recognition and generous career incentives. Hence, the better you perform, the more you gain, and the faster you reach your career goals

Universal Voltas constantly raises the bar, and keeps you on an upward path… So, come be a part of Universal Voltas… Let’s grow together!

Interested in working with us?
Please reach out to us on : uvabudhabi@universalvoltas.com