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Pre-Fabricated Modules

Smart Engineering led MEP Construction

Pre-Fabrication has been optimized as our staple construction mode, ensuring cost-effectiveness and speedy execution


MEP projects are often disrupted due to project delays, reworks, and increased labor costs resulting from uncertain conditions at project sites in the Middle East.

To alleviate these issues, Voltas introduced Prefabricated Modules for delivering MEP jobs, where in modules are constructed in a controlled environment in the factory.

This helps achieve greater productivity, shorter time lines, reduction in resources, improvement in quality, safety & predictability and reduction in labour cost and environmental impact.

Benefits of Pre-Fabrication

wastage of
material & time
Worker and material movement is reduced by up to 80% for prefabricated scope of work.

Factory worker uses a comfortable position (compared to the 'hands above shoulders' used on-site) to install services in the ceiling, leading to better safety.

Modules are factory-tested and certified before release, leading to less rework on site.

Certainty of
Labor Cost
Controlled conditions allow for greater control of labor hours, and can reduce or eliminate labor overruns.

Certainty of
project time-line
The ability to inventorize the project before the civil structure is established accelerates project execution.

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