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Project Management

Cost. Time. Quality

Voltas' capabilities extend from end to end of a project's life cycle - from design, engineering, procurement and construction, to commissioning, operation and maintenance


Three decades of numerous successful projects has seen Universal Voltas emerge as a well-recognized engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) contractor in UAE.

Engineering Systems

Voltas offers a comprehensive and detail-rich range of electro-mechanical services. These are the capabilities of a 'total solutions provider', offering the client the benefits of an integrated approach, with the efficiencies and economies of a single-point source. The widest range of engineering systems is deployed.

Mechanical Systems, Heating,
Ventilation and Air-conditioning
Comfort cooling for offices, airports, theatres, shopping complexes, hotels and hospitals industrial air conditioning for pharmaceutical plants, nuclear reactors, electronics assemblies, textile mills and others
Marine air conditioning for luxury liners, naval vessels, cargo ships
Transport air conditioning for passenger coaches, ambulances, Metro Railway systems
Customized air conditioning for mortuaries, drilling platforms and other specialized applications
Mechanical Services
Medical gas system for hospitals
Vehicle fumes exhaust system
Compressed air system
Mono-rail hoists
Pressurisation and smoke exhaust system
Electrical switchyards and substations
Power and lighting distribution
Indoor lighting
Emergency power including captive plant
Fire alarm system
Security system
Communication system
Entertainment system
Information system
Building Management System, incl. energy management
Health Systems
Rain water, cold water, treated water, raw water and hot water installations
Underground and above-ground drainage
Fire fighting installations, dry and wet riser installations
Sanitary fixtures
Sprinkler, fire fighting and inergen gas system
Water treatment and steam system (boilers, water calorifiers, water softeners, filters)
Airfield lighting
Flight Information Display
Integrated Airport Management system
Lifts / elevators
Passenger Loading Bridges
Auxiliary Power System
Pre-conditioned Air Supply Unit
Specialized Signage System
Baggage Systems (weighing and control)
Cargo weighing and handling systems
Billing systems

Smart Engineering:
Use of Prefabricated Modules

Voltas introduced Prefabricated modules for delivering MEP jobs wherein modules are constructed in controlled environment in the factory. This helps us achieve:

Key Value Added Services

Engineering and
System analysis
Universal Voltas details out the project design during execution stage. We have the capability to undertake BIM modelling for complex MEP systems.

With rich experience on almost all applications, we work on providing optimized solutions for lowering the capital/operating costs.

The key to success in the project is proper planning in sync with the civil contractor program.

& Testing
High quality workmen supported by construction engineers, MEP coordinators, and a site support team, test the project at every step.

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